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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Herprelief Natural Healing

Okay I was thrown off by the name too, but oh my goodness...

I got this product at a discount price and thought how was I going to review it...  And seriously the next morning I felt the burning bump of a cold sore starting...  Good for them, bad for me

You can purchase this product here

It's kinda a greasy feeling, but I have used other products that feels and smells the same.  L-Lysine lip cream is about the same...  But one thing is different, I don't know if it was the location of the coldsore, but it is still small and not growing top much!!  I will keep you updated...

Here's your update two days later, the afternoon after the cold sore showed up it turned into two blisters.  I had put the cream on after I felt it coming and once that afternoon, I put it on one more time that evening and woke up the next day with it so much smaller and drying up.   

Put the cream on in the morning and by the afternoon it was almost gone.  That evening there wasn't much left...  

This was amazing and worth it...  I hope this wasn't a fluke we will see the next time...

Friday, February 10, 2017

Colorful Complete 11 Pcs. Metal Diecast Children's Kid's Toy Kitchenware Playset Review

You can purchase the item here

This is an enjoyable little play set, the kids played with it for hours.  They have a little tea set and played with them together.  Solid pans no worries about wear and tears.