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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Zipper Purse

I know it's been a very long time since I posted last, but I've been a busy girl :)

Have you seen the very cute Zipper Purse going around on Pinterest??

I thought this was the cutest thing ever!!!  The purse was featured on Sewing Secrets
I tried to follow her instructions, but I'm not the best sewer ever, so I had to take matters into my own hands as you can see below :)


Coats All Purpose Zippers, 7”, 14
zippers in a variety of colors
Coats All Purpose Zippers, 22” 7 zippers for horizontal strips and handles (if I had to make it again I would have 5 18" and 2 22 - 24" zippers for the handles, you would have to pay attention to the placement of the zippers so the handles are in the right place)
Hot glue
Straight pins
Sewing Machine

1. Lay out and weave the zippers as the
diagram shows flat on a table and pin in place.
It took me a while to figure out the pattern that I wanted that's why you can see some of the pics are different.  I wish the tut above would've had more info!!!  So I had to guess :)
First I put all the 7" zippers the same way, then I figured that I would want them to show the zippers more on the side so I rotated them.  The 7" zippers are going horizontal and the 22" are vertical.

 As you can see I had them all pinned together and decided to change them...  Then I decided to do I liner, I had some extra material & backing lying around from making the personal progress holders (I had thought I had done a post on that, oops) so I just cut to fit with half an inch laying over every side.

I ironed the backing onto the back of the material

I pinned the zippers to the backing and the material making sure the material faced outward

2. To form the tote, bring the sides together
and pin in place for a temporary hold.
I folded the zippers in half making sure the front of the material faced each other, then I sewed the material together, making sure not to include the zippers. 

(I had sewn the ends of the Zippers to the material as you can see in some of the pictures, this ended up being a bigger problem so I had to take it out.  I would tack the edges of the zippers to the material)

 I trimmed off the extra material and started to glue the Zippers to the backing, I would first glue the bottom of the zipper so the zipper pull would be on top.  Make sure to trim all the jagged egdes that are going to be showing

 Now to take care of the longer zippers, these were not tacked or sewn to the material so I could figure out my handles. 

 I picked the zippers that I wanted for the handles, it ended up being two away from the edges 

Cut and tuck all other 22"inch zippers between the material lining and the woven zippers.

I ended up having one side of the handles a perfect fit for a handle and one that was too short, so I took one of the ends that I cut off and glued it on.
 Then I glued the woven zippers to the material that I had tucked.  And here is my final product...

Turned out pretty well for not really understand the tut above.  I did burn myself once with the glue gun, make sure to be careful

 I also made a flower with the parts of the zipper that I had cut off, I think I like it better without