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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Crayon Wreath

Last year I made these wreaths for Madi's teachers and they loved them. 
I made them again for Madi's teachers this year.
Items you'll need:

Embroidery Hoops, one at least 2 inches larger than the other. (Click on the link and it will give you an example.

A box of at least 64 crayons
Ribbon, two types (one for looping around the crayons and one for the bow and hook on back)
School items to glue on top.  One time I used pencils, rulers, erasers.  Whatever you want

I used two embroidery hoops one bigger than the other.  The hoops come with two hoops (to hold the fabric you are embroidering) you use only one hoop, so you'll have enough hoops to make two.  If you use the hoop with the screw tightener be sure to remove the screw and glue the two ends together.

Take all the crayons out of the box, (it makes it easier to glue them on) I put all my crayons in an order, you can do what you wish...

I placed the two hoops together, the smaller one inside the larger one and started gluing the crayons around it with a glue gun.  Be sure to glue the paper part of the crayon, or all you'll get is a waxy mess) 

When finished lace a 1/2 inch ribbon around the crayons.  I usually use an inch ribbon to make the bow and hook for the back.  I glue the ribbon the the back to the hoops (both to ensure it is secure)

 Then I had bought some cute art from all-a-dollar

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