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Monday, December 5, 2011

Visiting Teaching for December

I found this great site for lots of different printables for December, it's called Spiritually Thinking.
She has found tons of cute ideas and here they are...

 Go check out her site for the links :)

The VT message for December 2011, is called An Extensive Sphere of Action, (PDF version HERE)
***I will add more VT ideas as I get them***
There are three versions of each quote, just click on the image you want to download for free (should print out to 4x6)

I had seen this and thought this would be a great idea. As the message is about our Sphere of Action as sisters being great, this would be a cute way to reinforce the message, by getting a glass ornament and inserting a picture (if you have one) of your sister into the middle of the 'sphere', get it:), you could jazz it up with some beads, like this one, flowers/leaves/ candy/ribbons/strips of paper etc., whatever you fancied. You could even print out your testimony, little scroll style, and insert that.
I also thought this would be cute with a picture of the Savior inside, because really, He is at the center of all we do. I've included some images below that would be cute inside, but you can also just google 'Savior' to find other images. Just right click on these to copy to your computer.
Click HERE, or
for another version, HERE
Savior Images for Ornament Inserts

A couple of other ideas:
Reindeer Washcloth / Flannel
This is a washcloth/flannel, with a bar of soap inside
Poem says: "Everyone loves this time of year, all the laughter and good cheer, A season that is full of hope, And a reindeer that's a flannel and a bar of soap."
Click HERE for original source
Reindeer Hot Cocoa Cone
Click HERE for instructions

Christmas tag printable, click HERE
Also available in Spanish. Click HERE

I love this, a visiting teaching surprise snowball, filled with goodies, to go along with Elder Ballard's 'sphere' quote. Click HERE.

Click HERE

Click HERE

Bookmarks. Click HERE

Click HERE for download

Click HERE

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