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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bow Holder

Madi loves her bows, and I love to buy/make them...

I needed a new idea for a bow holder that didn't take up too much room but still held all her many bows, and this is what I came up with.
Ribbon 2 different sizes
Floor boards

I used wood that I had around the house, that ended up being some floor board :)

I had my hubby cut it for me and Madi and I painted it.

Then the hubby drilled holes in it for me for the hooks (to hold things like headbands and necklaces or even ribbon)

Then hubby even screwed all the hooks in for me.

I measured 2 inches between each ribbon and then had 2 different size ribbon that I rotated. 

And tada!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love! I'm a bow maker and was looking for a large bow holder that will hold all of my daughter's bows without having so many different bow holders! This is just perfect! I'll even use the hooks for the Pony O's. Thanks for sharing!!!