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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big Bubble Blowers

I had found a great idea for our family to do on the 4th.  I found a it at Tatertots and Jello

Here is my pictures on how to make the wands and how our bubbles turned out...  They are a lot harder to make than you think.

We had a great time and make sure you visit here for the mixture.  I had to play around with the mixture a little to get it right.  

 First you need two wooden dowels, some eyelet screws and 3 or 4 washers.  You also need some twine.

 Screw the eyelet screws into the end of the wooden dowels

 I used 40 inches of string for the top of the wand and 70 inches of string for the bottom.  make sure you put the washers on the bottom one so it has the weigh to stay down

 My wonderful hubby helping me make the bubbles. 

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