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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Links of the week

I found some cute Halloween Test Tubes (filled with candy) at Kerry's Craft Blog

Click here to see the rest of the cute pictures.

I found a really cute DIY grocery bag holder at Make it and Love it, I need one of these

You seriously made that  has the cutest headband ever...  I need to try this one!!!

We love to Illustrate has the cutest free cupcake toppers printables, there are seven designs to chose from!!!



And these are just a few!!!  They are really cute!

Sugar Tot Designs has a cute Visiting Teaching Message

Positively Splendid has a guest posing from Girl with a Glue Gun

It is so awesome!!! 

This is something that I should try!

Sugar Bee's found some great links for the fake feather extensions (they are really hair) and the glitter hair

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