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Monday, August 8, 2011

Bows made from ribbons with wire

I had previously posted on my projects for the week a cute picture of a bow.

I finally made some.  My ribbon was only an inch wide, so they are not too big which is good for a four year old. :)

Here are two different styles I will be showing.  The first part of the instructions are the same.

First you want to cut the ribbon, I wanted to make two bows so I cut two pieces of ribbon.  I cut my ribbon about the length of my arm.  After you have cut the ribbon put tape around one end of the wires on one side.
 On the other side you didn't put the ribbon around, pull the wire out.
On the side that you taped pull the wire on the other end and push the ribbon toward the taped end.
I wrapped the ribbon around my pointer finger starting with the taped end.  Once you have it all wrapped twist the two wires together.
After that I took a small piece of the ribbon and made it a barrier between the hair clip and the ribbon.  

I placed glue on the top of the clip and placed the piece of ribbon between the clip and pressed the ribbon on top.

Here is the final product

The other ribbon that I have made has a couple of embellishments added on.  I have Twisted the ribbon as before but made a little hole in the middle.
Here is my twisted ribbon and the buttons
I put ribbon around my clip
And glued the bow to the clip
Then glued the white plastic piece in the middle where my hole was.  This will accentuate my button
I then glued the button in the middle of that.
Here is the finished bows. 

I hoped you enjoyed your visit, if you have any problems or questions feel free to post below :)  Thanks

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