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Friday, September 9, 2011

Am I making her a capable woman???

Our lesson in Relief Society on Sunday was wonderful and so touching.  The RS president gave the lesson and one comment that was made during the lesson by another sister was about making their child a capable adult.  The rest of the day I sat contemplating,  what was I doing to make Madi a capable woman.  

I always worry if my actions as a mother will affect Madi in a positive or negative way.  As a parent we have a lot of responsibility to create a capable, respectable and loving child of God.

I can only hope that Travis and I can continue to teach Madi to be a loveable and capable child that will be grow strong in her beliefs.

So I was wondering, what are you doing to help your children be capable???  

I have a wonderful sister in law that teaches her children from a  young age to do laundry, an example is to put their clothes away.  I think that's wonderful that she teaches her children to work hard.  Her and my brother are a wonderful example of hard work to their children.

All of my siblings learned to work hard from the example of our mother and father.  I am so blessed to be brought up in my wonderful family that I have.  I love my family very much!

Please leave a comment of how you help your children become capable...


Alison said...

When my children lodge a complaint, I ask them if there is something they need. I guide them in putting their needs into language, rather than expecting me to meet their complaints with a solution. For example, "I'm thirsty!" "Is there something you need?" "May I have a drink of water?" As they have gotten older, I then ask them if they are able to take care of what they need on their own. Just one example! Thanks for asking--I enjoy your blogthoughts. Love to you!

Kim said...

That is great, I need to start making Madi more capable. You are awesome! Loves