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Friday, September 2, 2011

Strength Saying - A Present

I made my wonderful friend her birthday present...  It was a saying about strength (who doesn't need that), I also made her a cute pillow box to put some yummy peanut butter cookie balls in.

 First I found a cute saying on Pinterest, then I got my canvas 8x10, mod podge and ribbon
 I cute the saying to fit the board that then I used distressed ink to color the edges

 I covered the canvas with mod podge and also the back of the picture, then I put the picture on the canvas
 After waiting for 30 minutes I covered the front.
Note: if you chose something with light writing the mod podge on top seems to lighten it more.

 Then I got the ribbon and ran a middle and thread through one side of it.  When you pull the string tight it ruffles the ribbon where you can make a flower
 Then I made some flowers out of felt.

 And here is the final product!!!
Now the pillow box, I had previously posted two cute ideas

I had found these cute pillow boxes from kiki creates
 I enlarged one of the boxes so I could fit my candy
 wrapped a ribbon around it
 And made a bow

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